27/09/2016 12:06 AM AEST | Updated 27/09/2016 4:09 AM AEST

Watch Prince George Hilariously Reject Prime Minister's High-Five

Sometimes you just have no more fives to give.

Well, it’s official: Prince George is, in fact, a normal three-year-old boy. And he’s apparently the only human not taken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

George, Princess Charlotte and their parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Victoria, Canada Saturday for a week-long tour. And despite looking impossibly fresh for having just taken an international flight across too many time zones, it seemed George was in no mood for the social norms of children his age.

Trudeau tried to welcome George as grownups typically do, with a high-five. Unfortunately, the little prince was in no mood for high-fives, low-fives, or any of the fives:  

Anyone who has ever taken a long flight with kids or been around a small child at all knows they aren’t always in the mood to dole out free hand slaps like candy, but watching international treasure Trudeau crash and burn is still pretty hysterical. 

The video also proves that the former Kate Middleton has become a normal 34-year-old mom, which is to say impressive. Watch at the end as she gracefully bends down in a tight dress and heels while holding a small child, only to stand right up as if it’s no small feat. 

Skip to the 21-second mark of the video above to watch all the drama unfold.