27/09/2016 12:50 PM AEST | Updated 27/09/2016 3:14 PM AEST

We Road Tested MECCA's New Spray Sunscreen And It's Awesome

For the love of sun protection.

Sunscreen is to a modern woman what a parrot is to a pirate. Essential.

We're well versed on what the sun does to our skin (brown spots, wrinkles, cancer) and as a result, we're pretty fussy when it comes to selecting sunscreen.

That's why the HuffPost Australia lifestyle team were intrigued when they first saw the new Mecca Cosmetica Sunbrella Invisible Superspray SPF 50+.

Namely it was the size that stood out.

Finally, an SPF that isn't the size of a water bottle.

We've all been caught in the sun sans sunblock and not-so-sexy tan lines are the result. Though, really, who is going to lug around a bottle of block the size of a water bottle for 'just in case' scenarios? Not many, if any.

And have you ever considered the following scenario? You're diligent with your SPF in the morning, but come afternoon (when you want to head out for a run or for after work drinks), your sunscreen is no longer active (science lesson: sunscreen is only effective for a short number of hours before the active ingredients are broken down by free radicals). You're supposed to wash your makeup off, put more sunscreen on and then redo your makeup, but really, who's gonna do that!?

There are a few specific sunscreen sprays available in the U.S that are designed to be spritzed on over makeup, but due to Australia's very high legal standards around sunscreen (the highest in the world and trust us, we're lucky to have them), most of these products aren't available here.

So, we trialled the new Mecca spray sunscreen over the top of our makeup. That's not what it is specifically designed for, but seeing as they promised it was completely clear and fast-absorbing we'd thought we'd give it a whirl. (side note: it's designed for both face and body, FYI.)

Suitable for sensitive skin and offering maximum broad spectrum protection (that is protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Not all sunscreens cover both so learn to read labels), we sprayed it over a full face of makeup in the late afternoons for a week.

Wary that most people don't apply enough, we were liberal with our sprays. It's best if you hold the bottle further from the face so a fine mist settles (rather than a close-up saturation). The texture at first is a little tacky but dries quickly, and after it has set it had no negative effect on the look or feel of the makeup underneath.

This might be one small step for man, but it's a giant leap for sun conscious, makeup-wearing women everywhere (and yes $19 is on the pricey side considering the size (20ml), but the damaging effects of the sun is worse).

Here's to more Aussie brands innovating.

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