28/09/2016 7:31 AM AEST | Updated 28/09/2016 8:56 AM AEST

Australian Survivor: Nick Voted Off, Becomes First Member Of 'The Jury'

For the final castaways, the ride doesn't end when the torch goes out.

'I'm not this evil genius.'
'I'm not this evil genius.'

Tuesday night's episode saw school teacher Nick Iadanza desperately try and make amends with the alpha male castaways on the island, Lee and Sam though it wasn't enough to save him from being voted off after 37 days on the show.

The drama started on Monday night's episode when Sam rebelled against his fellow alliance who had what seemed like a solid plan in place to send Kate home with a majority vote.

Instead, he went outside the alliance choosing to rally in some other troops and boot Nick out.

Though it was kind of a dumb move because soon his alliance would learn of his plan thanks to Kylie, who leaked the plan back to the group.

"He's doggin' us," Brooke said.

"You should always do what you say you're gonna do," Flick said.

That night's tribal council was INTENSE with Sam and Lee telling us their true feelings about Nick just before the voting commenced.

"We all know Nick's a bit of a snake. I've heard on many different occasions that he's lied to many people," Sam told Jonathon during tribal council.

Following this, of course Nick chose to play his immunity idol keeping him safe for one more night and resulting in Kate being sent home.

But it only gave him one extra night on the Samoan island.

"You can never ever feel comfortable in this game and I never did. There's no way I could have played any harder," Iadanza said following his eviction as he entered The Jury Villa.


Jury Villa? For the final castaways, the journey doesn't end when the torch goes out. Basically, they become part of "The Jury" where they get to observe the remaining tribal councils AND have a say in who will be the sole survivor. They also get to eat burgers and Tim Tams.

"The game is really going to ramp up and get really ugly -- and I get to sit back and watch," Iadanza said.

As do we, Nick. As do we.

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