Healthy, Realistic Late Night Food Options You Can Make At Home

Easy, yummy and good for you.

You've been out all night, probably skipped dinner and have just stumbled through the front door.

It's past midnight and you are ravenous.

A little tipsy, you ask yourself (out loud) why you didn't tell the taxi driver to drop you home via the Maccas drive-thru: "What's wrong with you?! UGH."

Nik Toth, nutritionist and founder of The Lean Body Coach explains skipping the takeaway option is actually going to help you immensely in the morning.

"What most people don't realise is that the horrible feeling associated with a hangover is the result of dehydration and low levels of blood sugar," Toth told The Huffington Post Australia.

These two things aren't helped by inhaling a big greasy meal right before bed.

"Your body can only do one thing at a time and since it will be busy at work detoxifying the alcohol you've just consumed, digestion as a process will come second," Toth said.

Not only does this result in incomplete digestion but it means your quality of sleep will suffer, too.

"Your stomach is only the size of your fist, yes it stretches, but you should never be consuming any more than two fists' worth of food -- and, by and large, those burgers and kebabs are all much bigger than a standard serving size," Toth said.

However, that's not to say we should be skipping food altogether. Toth said we should be looking for a well-balanced meal that includes carbs, protein and fat with little or no sugar. Below, her tastiest suggestions that require minimum effort.

And don't forget to hydrate!

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