28/09/2016 12:34 AM AEST

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Angry And Emotional About Climate Change In 'Before The Flood' Trailer

The film premiered earlier this month at TIFF.

Leonardo DiCaprio won’t stand idly by while climate change wrecks havoc on our world.

Alongside director Fisher Stevens of “The Cove” fame, the passionate environmentalist produced and appears in a new documentary called “Before the Floods,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. DiCaprio appears in a new trailer for the film, surveying the damage climate change has caused and meeting with important world leaders to reverse its effects.

“We’re knowingly doing this,” the Oscar-winner says in the trailer. “I just want to know how far we’ve gone and if there’s anything we can do to stop it.”

DiCaprio meets with Elon Musk, President Barack Obama and many more in “Before the Flood,” also calling out various U.S. politicians who refuse to acknowledge the reality of climate change.

Watch the dramatic ― and all-too-real ― clip above. 

“Before the Flood” will appear in select theaters Oct. 21.