29/09/2016 4:30 AM AEST | Updated 30/09/2016 8:06 AM AEST

Kim Kardashian Harassed In Paris By Same Idiot Who Attacked Gigi Hadid

Boy, bye.

UPDATE: Sept. 29 ― Kim Kardashian has reportedly reached out to French authorities to file a complaint against Sediuk, according to TMZ. 

The reality queen also wants to get a restraining order against Sediuk, TMZ reports, which makes sense considering this is the second time the “prankster” has targeted her. 

Sources told TMZ Kardashian considered Sediuk a threat and “won’t stop until he pays the price” for his actions against her and others.

Following his idiotic attempt to kiss Kardashian’s behind, Sediuk said on Instagram that he was “protesting Kim for using fake butt implants.”

“I encourage her and the rest of Kardashian clan to popularise natural beauty among teenage girls who follow and defend them blindly,” he wrote alongside a photo from the incident. 

When Sediuk found out that Kardashian wanted to take legal action against him, he posted the below video on Instagram: 

Me after finding out Kim is taking legal actions against me...😬 #bodyguard #kimkardashian #pascalduvier

A video posted by Vitalii Sediuk (@vitaliisediuk) on

We have to say it again: Boy, bye.


The same idiot who attacked supermodel Gigi Hadid last week by literally grabbing her from behind and lifting her up off the street has struck again.

On Wednesday, Vitalii Sediuk, who apparently thinks he’s being funny or clever or something, snuck up on Kim Kardashian in Paris and planted a kiss on her famous behind.

He managed to make it past security to pull his stupid little prank, but it wasn’t long before the reality star’s team tackled him to the ground. Kardashian kept calm and continued walking. The moment was caught on video and shared Wednesday by TMZ.

Marc Piasecki via Getty Images
Vitalii Sediuk jumps at Kim Kardashian West's behind as she arrives at L'Avenue restaurant in Paris. 
Marc Piasecki via Getty Images
Bodyguard Pascal Duvier immobilizes Vitalii Sediuk after jumping on Kim Kardashian West in Paris. 

Now, we know what you might be thinking: Kim, whose butt has become as famous as the woman herself, would appreciate someone loving her signature asset enough to kiss it. But let’s be real here and think about just how creepy Sediuk’s actions really were. Imagine if you were walking down the street, minding your business and some stranger came up behind you and planted one on your left butt cheek. Gross. 

What’s worse, this isn’t even the first time Sediuk has targeted the 35-year-old. In 2014, the “internet prankster” tackled Kardashian in Paris and tried to pull her to the ground. (Ugh, go home.) The same year, he also attacked Brad Pitt on a red carpet by burying is face in the actor’s crotch. The incident led to Sediuk being sentenced to three years of probation and banned from being within 500 feet of all award shows, entertainment events and red carpets. Clearly that hasn’t stopped him. 

Considering Sediuk responded to the Hadid incident by calling it a “protest” against the fashion industry for putting “well-connected cute girls from Instagram” on the runway instead of “true talents,” our guess is he’ll provide a similarly bogus excuse about Kardashian and her rise to fame. And that’s if he even responds this time.

He’s just lucky he didn’t get another elbow to the face. We stand by our comment that Hadid should have hit him harder

Boy, bye.