29/09/2016 8:26 AM AEST | Updated 29/09/2016 12:25 PM AEST

Running Isn't The Only Road To Fitness And Fat Loss. Here's Proof

Running your nemesis? You don't have to befriend it to gain results.

Sam Edwards
Make friends with strength and circuit style training.

Few people are immune to the panicked feelings of inadequacy associated with long distance running.

Whether it was the high school beep test or your own Forrest Gump experience, for many the thought of getting super fit is simply a pipe dream as it would mean becoming a cardio personand going against everything they stand for.

But here's the thing, that is completely incorrect. You CAN be super fit without running. Just ask Sydney-based personal trainer duo Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson of the Base Body Babes, who don't include any type of running in their training. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

Oh, and they look like this.

"The word 'fit' means different things to different people," Oreb told The Huffington Post Australia.

"For some people, like marathon runners or sprinters for example, running is their sport and therefore would need to run as they require a certain level of 'running' fitness, as well as the skill and technique to perform in their sport."

"However, in our experience, competitive runners are the minority, so unless you are a training for a sport that requires running, then absolutely, you can be 'fit' without running," Oreb said.

Oreb and Johnson strive to create training programs that allow their clients to feel fit, healthy and strong enough to perform to the best of their ability in their day-to-day tasks.


"We believe this level of 'fitness' is much more attainable through a well designed weights regime," Oreb said.

They spend a lot of time educating their clients about how a similar cardiovascular response to running can be attained through alternative training methods.

"Our training consists of a combination of strength and circuit style training with weights -- which is our version of cardio," Oreb said.

Think: compound movements like squats, deadlifts and upper body push and pull movements. And lots of them.

Circuit training for fat loss

Even when we are doing circuits we are still trying to lift fairly heavy weights, ensuring we complete all reps with perfect form. When starting any program we always recommend starting light and aiming to progress to heavier weights each session, every week and we try and lift a little bit more than the week before.

"Many people believe that running is the best way to lose fat but you can achieve the same level of fat burn through an intense weight session."

Their mission isn't weight loss, but fat loss and believe circuit training is key to achieving such results.

"Circuits are the best way to burn fat, without compromising and burning the necessary muscle we like to have to shape our bodies," Oreb said.

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