28/09/2016 10:18 PM AEST | Updated 28/09/2016 11:20 PM AEST

South Australians Embrace The Lighter Side Of The Blackout

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Somebody call MacGyver immediately.

South Australians have embraced the lighter side of the statewide blackout, from lighting candles for a cosy night in to dropping funnies on social media.

As emergency services worked tirelessly on Wednesday evening to restore power to the entire state, shrouded in darkness after an electrical surge tripped the power infrastructure, many residents took a moment to embrace the simpler things in life.

Federal Labor Senator Penny Wong chimed in early with a light touch from a stranger in the street.

And, with an AFL team named Port Adelaide Power, the footy jokes were inevitable.

At Channel 10 headquarters, this fella was stuck in a lift.

Meanwhile in Tanunda, Christine Robinson was supposed to be going out to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary. Instead, she lit some candles and snuggled up for a romantic night in.

Of course there was plenty of candle talk.

And fumbling in the dark.

With Richard Dean Anderson.

So. Much. Darkness.

Even renowned Aussie hip hop stars and S.A. heroes Hilltop Hoods joined in.

Others used their apocalyptic imaginations.

But above all else, it pays to be prepared. Check on your loved ones and stay safe through the night.