02/10/2016 5:05 PM AEDT | Updated 02/10/2016 5:45 PM AEDT

Ha! Storm Captain Cameron Smith Gets The Spray He Deserves

This is NRL Grand Final Pisstake We Had To Have.

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The joke's on you, Cam.

This is fantastic. This is satire at its finest, which is to say it's 98 percent true, with just a teensy weensy bit of poetic license thrown in.

We speak of a new video by rugby league satirist Denis Carnahan. Remember the "That's in Queensland" song that pokes fun at the State of Origin Queensland selectors' policy of choosing players who, ahem, aren't exactly from Queensland?

Well, that's Denis' most famous work. But he might have a new candidate for best thing he's done. Check it. It's a song called "You Can't Touch Smith", to the tune of MC Hammer's hip hop classic "You Can't Touch This."

The song cleverly lampoons the fact that Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith is well known for making his opinion known to referees. This, of course, is part of the job of all NRL captains. But as the long-serving Storm, Queensland Maroons and Australian Kangaroos skipper, Smith has more influence than most when arguing his point with whistle-blowers.

Smith is also not averse to certain types of play which are barely in the rule book. This, too, Carnahan cleverly sends up.

The Huffington Post contacted Carnahan today and shamelessly told him we think he's a good bloke who writes incredibly funny stuff.

"I was inspired by exactly how much Cam gets away with, and how sweetly he talks to the referees," Carnahan said.

"He's clearly the game's biggest villain, but in a moustache-twirly pantomime sort of way, rather than a nasty grubby way."

Is this still from Denis' video a preview of the semi-legal tackling style Smith plans to bring to Sunday night's NRL grand final?

There are those who would argue the case against Smith's sportsmanship in stronger terms. The Daily Telegraph certainly did that this week, but that's another story.

Now for the free plug part of the article, which Denis didn't ask for, and which we're not obliged in any way to give, but which we're doing anyway because we believe in supporting talented Australians.

Denis has a website. On it, you can find dates for the show he does from time to time called Rugby League The Musical. It's basically Denis live performing a whole bunch of songs like the two mentioned above, and it's effin' hilarious. You can also hang out with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe you can't touch Cameron Smith, but you can definitely get in touch with Denis Carnahan and tell him how funny his song is.