03/10/2016 9:11 AM AEDT

Stunning Time-Lapse Captures The Northern Lights In All Their Glory

On Wednesday, sky gazers waited with bated breath for the northern night skies to light up with swirling ribbons of color.

Fortunately for them, the aurora borealis didn’t disappoint.

A time-lapse video captured the dazzling display over a hotel in Hella, Iceland, last week, about 60 miles southwest of Reykjavik.

Though the video is only 27 seconds long, it captures 30 minutes’ worth of changing lights, according to the video’s uploader.

During last week’s aurora borealis, the city of Reykjavik turned off streetlights in many neighborhoods for one hour.

Officials also encouraged residents to darken their homes to help increase visibility, NPR reported.