04/10/2016 6:25 AM AEDT | Updated 26/10/2016 7:41 AM AEDT

102-Year-Old Gets Arrested, Fulfilling One Zany Bucket List Wish

This arrest was one for the books.

Edie Simms, a 102-year-old Missouri woman, was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser Friday as officers helped her fulfill an unusual bucket list wish: getting arrested.

Simms was seen being cheerfully escorted to St. Louis’ Five Star Senior Center with accompanying St. Louis police officers that said they couldn’t be happier to help, KPLR reported.

“We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do,” St. Louis Police Sgt. John McLaughlin told the station.

St Louis Metropolitan Police
Edie Simms is seen being helped out of a police car following a fun-filled ride on Friday.

Asked if she enjoyed her ride, Simms answered: “Oh yes, handcuffs and all.”

The unusual treat was one that followed several years of Simms creating and donating handmade items to the residential center’s members, the center’s executive director, Michael Howard, told The Huffington Post Monday.

Like walker bags, eyeglass cases, pillows, scarves,” Howard rattled off some of the items donated by Simms through a volunteer.

Though they came to appreciate Simms’ generosity, the center’s members never formally met her until Friday.

The do-gooder is seen trying on a St Louis Police Department hat after handing out handmade gifts to some of the senior center's guests.

Since one of the center’s volunteers is friends with a local police officer, the police department “offered to send a police cruiser to take her” to the center, Howard said.

Simms’ reaction was one of unbridled joy.

“She said oh that’d be wonderful and said, ‘do you think that they’d put the handcuffs on me?’” Howard recalled.

Once in the back of the car, Howard said Simms was one proud passenger.

While passing a county police officer, Howard recalled: “Edie held her hands up to show that she had the handcuffs on! She’s just such a neat lady.”

St Louis Metropolitan Police
Simms is seen posing with some of the police officers that made her special day happen.

Once inside the center, Simms played bingo and dished out free pairs of homemade socks and scarves to those in attendance.

She also offered some sage advice to anyone following in her footsteps.

“Keep going, don’t ever stop whatever it is you’re doing and spend some time doing community service because sometimes the person you reach out and touch, is the only person that they will talk to in a day,” she said, according to KPLR.

Simms, we couldn’t agree more. Now stay out of trouble!