Vegetarian Recipes To Get You Through The Week

Did we mention the spaghetti squash bowls?

With a lot of food-heavy holidays on the horizon ― Thanksgiving will be here before we know it ― we felt it was a good idea to focus on getting our fill of vegetables in while we still can. This week, for our healthy meal planning guide, we have a handful of meat-free recipes that will be sure to fill you up because they’re not only loaded with veggies, but protein, too.

For breakfast, we offer a freezer-friendly breakfast burrito with eggs and beans ― double down on protein. For lunch a classic lentil soup that’ll warm you up on these brisk fall days, but still keep you full thanks to those hearty lentils. And for dinner we have a Mediterranean chickpea-topped spaghetti squash (which makes great leftovers for lunch the next day) and a quinoa and broccoli gratin (which also works as a lunch option). And we didn’t forget dessert: a raw cheesecake made out of parsnips ― more veggies! ― and strawberries.

Get to it, folks!