05/10/2016 5:33 AM AEDT | Updated 05/10/2016 7:13 PM AEDT

Google's Finally Made A VR Headset We'd Actually Wear

Google has finally lifted the lid on how it’s going to persuade you that virtual reality really is the future.

It’s called Daydream and it’s a platform that much like Oculus or Vive, will contain apps, games and entertainment.

How you’ll actually experience all that will probably be through this, Daydream View, Google’s first true virtual reality headset.

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

For starters it’s clear that Google have actually thought through some of the barriers which are preventing people from buying or using VR.

One of those barriers is how virtual reality headsets look and while both Vive and Oculus look like gadgets through and through, Daydream View has been built with the living room in mind.

As such it’s coated in a soft touch material that looks a lot ‘friendlier’ than say the ultra-futuristic designs of the other gaming-focused headsets.


Google says they’ve meticulously designed the headset to be comfortable for everyone, even those who wear glasses. To make things easier still the face pad is removable and hand washable.

In addition to the headset you’ll also get a controller which uses a touchpad, two buttons and a whole suite of motion sensors to help you interact with the virtual world.


To combat the inevitable truth which is that it will be lost down the side of a sofa, the controller comfortably stores away into the headset’s display area.

It’ll be available to buy in November for £69.

So here comes the catch, Daydream View will only work with compatible phones, and there’s only one compatible phone at the moment: Google Pixel.

Daydream isn’t just a software standard, it’s a set of requirements that phones need to adhere to and so you’re going to need to wait a while until the newest set of Daydream compatible phones start coming out.