05/10/2016 10:22 AM AEDT | Updated 05/10/2016 11:29 AM AEDT

Michelle Jenneke Won't Get Any More Funding From Athletics Australia

Her golden dance moves don't translate to gold medals.

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2016 hasn't been her year.

Even if you're not into sport, there's a good chance you've heard of Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke.

And if you have it's probably more because of her interesting warm-up technique and less about her performance once the starting gun has fired.

Well, Athletics Australia decided enough is enough and cut her funding on Tuesday after a less-than-pleasing performance in the Rio Olympics.

They announced the 62 able-bodied and 40 para-athletes that have been extended the offer of National Athlete Support Structure (NASS) membership and after her performance in Rio, Jenneke was left off the list.

"NASS is a high performance system that provides support to individual athletes who have the highest potential to contribute to the goals of the Australian Institute of Sport's (AIS) Winning Edge," they said on their website.

This comes after Jenneke's Olympics came to an abrupt end when she placed sixth in her heats at 13.26 seconds, falling short of her personal best of 12.86.

Australian head coach, Craig Hilliard, has criticised Jenneke over her performance saying that she arrived in Rio out of shape.

"It's simple, if you are going to be half-baked at doing something, why are we investing in you? I can't justify that," he said.

When asked about her poor performance, she said she's been suffering with nerve pain down her right side and also indicated athletics may not be her main focus in life.

"At the moment, I am still young, I live at home, go to university. At the moment, athletics isn't my only priority," Jenneke said to the media.

Well at least now, she might have time to focus on those other things.