05/10/2016 8:25 AM AEDT | Updated 05/10/2016 9:47 AM AEDT

Survivor Australia: All-Female Alliance Boots Sue Out Of The Game

"She doesn't even go here!"

Nigel Wright
Brooke, Flick and El or Mean Girls?

With only nine castaways left, competition is getting tight and on Tuesday it was time to say goodbye to retired customs officer, Sue.

But she didn't go down without some major sass, aimed directly at the "mean girls" alliance made up of Brooke, Flick and El during Tribal Council.

"In theory, you do stick to your alliance but as we've seen time and time again in this game it fractures very quickly," Sue said.

Indeed it was this alliance that sealed Sue's fate in the end, despite them DENYING THEY WERE EVEN 'A THING' DURING TRIBAL COUNCIL.

"I'm not naive sweetheart -- far from it," Sue told them.

Interestingly, booting Sue off was actually their second option. Originally, they wanted Jennah Louise out but their plan backfired after she won the challenge granting her immunity.

"I cannot believe JL won another immunity challenge because we wanted to vote her off tonight," Flick said.

It came as bad news for Matt the magician, who turned on JL after she tried to reach out to him as a fellow castaway at the bottom of the hierarchy.

"There's no doubt with Jennah winning the immunity necklace, I've got a target on my back," Sue said.

"The three girls have well and truly got the boys around their little finger," Sue said.

But with just eight people left in the game, sooner or later people will start to turn.

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