04/10/2016 3:53 PM AEDT | Updated 04/10/2016 3:58 PM AEDT

Watch As A Crocodile Lingers After Biting A Teenage Boy

Lucky it was just a freshie.

Dennis Jones
Sure freshwater crocodiles have a bad bite but they've got nothing on their saltwater cousins.

When West Australians hear of a croc attack, the first thing they ask is: was it a freshie or a saltie?

If it was a freshwater crocodile, chances are they're OK, but a saltie? You're only still alive because that beast decided it didn't want to eat you at that particular moment.

Just to remind you that freshie can be scary too, a teenage boy has filmed a freshwater crocodile lingering among a group of swimmers having just bitten the teenager.

Check out the footage by Cameron Timms, 14 as shared by 9 News Perth.

The Kimberley Echo reported Timms didn't know he'd been bitten by a crocodile until they saw the footage and that he was treated for minor injuries.

The family had been swimming at a gorge on El Questro Wilderness Park. On maps about the park, warnings state 'El Questro is crocodile country! No swimming in any body unless otherwise states'.

Yet El Questro can get pretty hot, and it's also very beautiful -- so it's not uncommon for people to take their chances.