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Glyn Scott Is Helping Other Women After Suing Ex-Husband For Rape In Marriage, 40 Years On

There will be butterflies, and a whole lot of hope.

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Glyn Scott's name made headlines this year after she opened up about suing her ex-husband for rape in marriage, 40 years later.

The case went all the way to the High Court as questions remained over its legitimacy when rape in a marriage wasn't criminal in the 1960s. And if it was in fact deemed criminal, could rape be proved when the evidence was 40 years old?

Scott, now 70, eventually won the case in 2012, which is one of the most important human rights cases for Australian women and the South Australian is not stopping there.

In May, Scott told her story to the nation in The Australian Magazine (which we highly recommend you read here).

Hope was the thing that kept me going. I always hoped that tomorrow would be better.Glyn Scott

The 70-year-old prefers to stay away from the limelight, but she told her story to help others, and give them just a little more hope.

"Hope was the thing that kept me going. I always hoped that tomorrow would be better," Scott told The Huffington Post Australia.

Scott was just 17 when she married George Pycroft, who was fifteen years her senior, in 1962. She was subjected to regular violence and rape during the decade she was married to him. Scott lost one of her children in the 60s after Pycroft came home drunk one night and kicked her in the stomach when she wouldn't agree to sex, forcing her into an an early labour.

After numerous attempts of escaping, and even plotting to kill Pycroft, Scott divorced him and later remarried to Lance Scott.

"Without love we've got nothing in life. Love is a very important thing," Scott told HuffPost Australia.

"To know that you're loved, and to be loved. And gratitude is about being grateful for the things that you do have and to go with what you have and build on it. But also to be giving as well."

The 70-year-old has now set up the Love, Hope and Gratitude Foundation to build shelters for women and children trying to escape family violence in South Australia.

Uniquely, it also helps them escape with their pets -- a challenge Scott had herself in her early life as she attempted to flee her marriage multiple times.

On Sunday Scott will hold the first fundraising event for the foundation, the annual Butterfly Walk.

The 70-year-old is aiming to raise enough funds to establish the first secure shelter for women, children and their pets.

"Once we've got one [shelter] we will build another and another and another. We will just keep doing it to look after the women and children and pets who so desperately need it," Scott said.

The walk will be held in Mt Barker from 11am, where walkers can carry a butterfly to raise awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence along with a little symbol of hope.

There will be stalls, entertainment and food at the end of the walk, and Nick Xenophon Team MP Rebekha Sharkie will be speaking about the need for more government funding in the family violence space.

Without love we've got nothing in life. Love is a very important thing. To know that you're loved, and to be loved.Glyn Scott

Sharkie and Scott met at a women's business and advocacy group in the Adelaide Hills, but the Member for Mayo said "it wasn't until I read her story that I was really able to understand Glyn's journey and why she was so passionate about this issue."

"Glyn's a real trailblazer," Sharkie told HuffPost Australia.

The NXT MP said butterflies were fitting for the walk, as they emulate Scott in a way.

"She's a delicate and gentle woman, with great capacity, compassion and just so courageous."

And as to starting a foundation at 70, Scott didn't really consider her age. And why would she?

"I feel regenerated. I've had so much loss in my life and now I feel very blessed that I'm able to do what I can to help others," Scott told HuffPost Australia.

"And I will do it until the day I die."

To register for the walk, or for more information about the Love, Hope and Gratitude foundation click here.

Donations can be made on the day, or via direct deposit before October 19.

Bank: Bank SA

Account name: Love, Hope and Gratitude Foundation

BSB: 105 057

Account number: 033 526 740

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