This Fog Blanket Over San Francisco Looks Completely Otherworldly


San Francisco is notoriously foggy. Ever heard the joke, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco?” Well, it’s not entirely unfounded.

When moisture from the Pacific Ocean interacts with the cool prevailing current along California’s coast, fog forms over San Francisco. While the mist may be gray and gloomy for most San Franciscans, it also makes for unbelievable photo ops.

Photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo captures simply breathtaking shots of the Bay Area beneath a blanket of fog. Using a technique called long exposure photography, Montezemolo is able to capture the smooth hills of fog rolling in over the city.

“Like many San Franciscans, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the fog,” Montezemolo told The Huffington Post. “I enjoy the fog most when I’m photographing it from above, but not so much when I’m in it.”

The mist may be picturesque from above, but Montezemolo recommends visiting San Francisco in its less foggy months.

“Non-San Franciscans should know that the summer months are the foggiest months. This year San Francisco did not break the 70 degree mark the entire month of August,” Montezemolo said. “I personally think the best time to visit San Francisco is mid-September to late October, when the departure of the fog ushers in warmer, sunnier days.”

Thanks to Montezemolo’s photography, we can admire San Francisco summers from afar. For more photos, check out Montezemolo’s work on Instagram, Flickr or his website.