10/10/2016 10:51 AM AEDT | Updated 10/10/2016 4:02 PM AEDT

Strange Eating Habits Of Famous Successful People

Karl Lagerfeld drinks up to 10 cans of Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day.

Karl could probably go some good old H20.

The say you are what you eat (or drink) and if so, Karl Lagerfeld would literally be a large bottle of Coke. The designer for Chanel and Fendi drinks a whopping 10 cans of Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day.

Another creature of habit, it's been reported that Jennifer Aniston ate the exact same salad on the set of Friends for the entire filming of the show -- that's 10 years straight. It was dubbed the 'Jennifer salad' and was a twist on the classic cob salad with turkey bacon in place of regular bacon.

For more wacky diets of the worlds rich and famous, check out the below infographic -- but don't take it as sound nutritional advice!


Infographic from unum.

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