11/10/2016 1:19 PM AEDT | Updated 11/10/2016 3:55 PM AEDT

The Daily Show's Ronny Chieng Gives Fox News A Massive Serve

And they totally deserved it.

Chieng started performing comedy in Melbourne in 2009.
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Chieng started performing comedy in Melbourne in 2009.

An Fox News segment asking Chinese Americans their opinion on the U.S. election, in the most culturally insensitive way possible, has gotten the takedown it deserves.

Melbourne Comedian, Ronny Chieng gave the conservative network an absolute pasting on The Daily Show for the insensitive segment that featured reporter Jesse Watters interviewing people in New York's Chinatown.

To set the tone, the Fox News segment starts with 'Kung Fu Fighting' playing in the background and the first question Watters asks someone is, "am I suppose to bow to say hello?"

Chieng describes Watters as a man that looks like he "carries roofies just in case" after seeing him proceed to ask people questions that couldn't speak English and then ridicule them.

"Everybody has been wondering who'd be the target of 2016's worst racism. I didn't even know Asians were in the running," Chieng said.

"Mr Miyagi, seriously update your material, it's like me making fun of Americans for Saturday Night Fever or Mr T, real topical stuff buddy.

"If you want to come at Chinese people, make fun of China's high pollution or the fact that they censor most of the internet. Which in this case may actually be a good thing, since no person in China will ever have to watch your garbage attempt at comedy," Chieng said.

Have a look at the epic takedown for yourself.

Watters even asked one woman if China can take care of North Korea for America, because that's appropriate, right?

In the video Chieng shows people how to report the right way, heading out on the street to speak Chinese Americans in a language they understand.

He asks a man what he thinks of the U.S. presidential election, just like Watters, but in Chinese and with some cultural respect.

"The election is different because we have an idea that America welcomes and respects immigrants. This is not the America I recognise," the man answers.