12/10/2016 2:40 PM AEDT | Updated 12/10/2016 6:46 PM AEDT

13 Underrated Life Moments Fully Deserving Of Your Fist Pump

When you don't hate your haircut and so much more.

New 'do, betches.
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New 'do, betches.

There are certain moments in life that are universally celebrated. And rightly so. If it wasn't for the major milestones (proposals, promotions or new babies) there would be way too many old bottles of Moet lying around.

And while such events are obviously fully deserving of the limelight they receive, there are also smaller ones, micro moments if you will, that bring us just as much joy but often get lost in our busy little lives.

Today fellow internet dwellers, we celebrate these little moments and give thanks.


1. When there isn't a line at the Post Office, Telstra Store or Airport Security

It's hard to get through an entire year without frequenting any one of these places but if you've been lucky enough to zip in straight to the front, know that it is a rare blessing.

2. When you open the perfect avocado

With no brown veiny bits. Double bonus: when the stone falls out with the teeniest squeeze. No knife or mess required.

3. When you buy mixed nuts and the cashew ratio is high

Everybody knows cashews are the queen of the nut family. Tell me you haven't spent your life searching for them amongst the peasant peanuts?

4. When you order something online and it arrives straight away

You were prepared to wait for it. Really. But now it's arrived and it's like Christmas came early.

5. Jumping into fresh sheets

Not only can you revel in the crispy texture and delicious wafts of washing powder but it means you weren't too hungover to actually do your washing over the weekend.

6. When you can locate a photo instantly

If someone was to do the maths, the hours wasted searching for "that" one photo on your phone would be inherently clear. Until someone tells Apple to create a search bar, celebrate the victory.

7. The absence of the "thanks" email

Can we all just agree that any email with the content "thanks!" "thank you" and "cheers" should cease to exist from now until forever.

8. When you wake up and realise it's actually still the middle of the night

The best.

9. When you leave your hairdresser and you don't hate your hair

It's the haircut of your dreams and life is awesome.

10. When you lose a family heirloom.. And then find it again

There is literally nothing more emotionally terrifying and simultaneously shameful than losing something with sentimental value. Your heart drops into your stomach and you want to crawl into a hole.. until, it turns up and everything is amazing again.

11. When your phone battery doesn't run out

No matter how much you brag about not being attached to your phone, let's be real: nobody enjoys when their phone dies. You become that weird lurker who's hanging at the bar because you're using the venue's sticky charger.

12. The pride after flossing

While the physical feeling might be a little sensitive, your emotional pride post-floss is high. Not only have you lowered your risk of gum disease, but you officially have your shit together.

13. The day your favourite podcast comes out

Admit it, you've been patiently waiting for it all week.

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