11/10/2016 10:42 PM AEDT | Updated 11/10/2016 11:16 PM AEDT

Stephen Colbert And A Cat Shredded The Second Debate From Home

You're a natural, Mr. Whiskerpants.


While we would hesitate to call any political comedy warm and fuzzy, Stephen Colbert’s take on the second presidential debate was about as close as you can get.

Because no new “Late Show” aired Monday, host Colbert spoke from his study with a cat he called “Mr. Whiskerpants.” The former launched a few good zingers and even sang a folk song about Ken Bone.

But Mr. Whiskerpants stole the show, serving as an important prop when Colbert said, “We learned that Donald Trump believes that if you’re a star you can grab women by the, um ..... 

Perfect timing, Mr. Whiskerpants.

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