This Is What The Food Pyramid Looks Like Around The World

Say hello to the food house, pagoda and stairs.
Eight different countries, eight different guidelines.
Eight different countries, eight different guidelines.

Let's face it, the last time we properly looked at the food pyramid was in school, probably with the help from a little, charismatic giraffe called Healthy Harold, who constantly reminded us how awesome vegetables are.

However, with so many different fad diets these days, we often forget what our food pyramid looks like or what they actually are: the suggested foundations of our diets.

Every country around the world has their own version of a food pyramid. In fact, some countries use entirely different shapes, like a house, pagoda, plate and even stairs.

While these countries (and our personal dietary requirements and lifestyles) differ, there's one recurring part which should play a large role in all of our diets: vegetables. Healthy Harold was right.

Here's what the food pyramid looks like in eight different countries around the globe.

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