Honey Recipes That'll Remind You How Important Our Bees Are

Sometimes sticky situations can be good.

You have to really want something to be willing to stick your hand in a nest that’s swarming with stinging bees.

Clearly, we humans feel that way about honey. We’ve been harvesting honey for thousands of years now — the sweet, sticky stuff’s history has long be engrained with ours — despite the strong possibility of being stung while trying to get it.

Honey’s just one of those ingredients that can’t be substituted for. It’s as sweet as sugar, but maintains its own unique flavor. It comes in many different varieties and colors, depending on the flowers the bees frequent.

But U.S. beekeepers lost 44 percent of their total colonies from April 2015 to March 2016, and the bee population is on a huge decline. Make sure you do what you can do support our beekeepers by cooking up the honey recipes below.