13/10/2016 3:03 AM AEDT

Kelly Clarkson Posts Cute Video Of 'Inappropriate' Dance Party With Toddler

'This is totally inappropriate for a 2-year-old!'

Kelly Clarkson has a knack for being delightfully honest and self-deprecating when it comes to parenting. And she keeps it up in this hilariously adorable mother-daughter dance video.

The singer and her 2-year-old daughter, River Rose, participated in the #DiabetesDanceDare challenge to raise money and awareness in the fight against the disease. Clarkson tweeted the video Tuesday night, and challenged the cast of “The Voice” and Gwen Stefani to join the fun.

As Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” blares from the speaker, the duo start to shake it.

“This is totally inappropriate for a 2-year-old!” Clarkson exclaims.

It’s pretty clear that the toddler has no idea what the song is about and just loves busting a move with her mom.

And clearly, Kelly Clarkson is loving being her mom.