13/10/2016 11:29 PM AEDT | Updated 14/10/2016 4:54 AM AEDT

Man Makes Magical 'Harry Potter' Pensieve Full Of Memories For Wife

Scott Shaw Photography
Matthew and Janine on their wedding day.

A dreamy Ohio man named Matthew made his wife a Harry Potter-inspired wedding gift that was positively Dumbledoreable.

Potterheads will go gaga for this gift. 

Matthew, who asked us not to print his last name for privacy reasons, spent weeks crafting a homemade Pensieve to give to his then-fiancée Janine the day before their wedding in Cleveland.

For the uninitiated muggle, a Pensieve is a magical basin used to revisit and view memories. You may remember it from the Harry Potter books or film adaptations such as “The Goblet Of Fire” and “The Half-Blood Prince.”


The couple tied the knot in Sept. 2014, but Matthew just posted the photos of the brilliant gift to Reddit on Saturday (he was busy finishing a radiology residency and fellowship, if you must know).

Since then, the photos have been viewed more than 320,000 times. 

“We are huge Harry Potter fans,” Matthew told The Huffington Post. “Her more than me ― she’s the one who got me to read the books. I’ve read the books twice, her three or four times. And we’ve seen the movies countless times.”

A whole lot of thought, effort and painstaking detail went into creating the Pensieve.

First, Matt took four two-hour pottery lessons to learn how to make a bowl:

Matt took eight hours of pottery lessons to produce his DIY Pensieve basin.

Then he bought a wand, personalized with Janine’s name, on Etsy.

Every self-respecting wizard needs a wand. 

Next, he filled 70 tiny glass bottles with hand-drawn notes and illustrations of the couple’s favorite memories and inside jokes.

“The worst part was that the glue vapors dried on the inside of the bottles, which was really labor-intensive to clean out,” he said.

Such memories included:

When the car rental place was out of cars except for a tiny Fiat, and the first song that played when I turned on the radio was ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ 


How [Janine] has to stand in my shadow when we get off airplanes in the Caribbean so she doesn’t get sunburned.

Then he placed the little memory vials into the bowl. Hedwig the owl even made a cameo. 

"The magnets in the bottles and writing and drawing the memories were things I would do while watching TV when I got home."

Then Matt cleverly affixed a magnet to the tip of the wand and bottom of each bottle to create a little ~magic~.

This guy thinks of everything! 

Below, an example of what’s inside the bottles ― like this memory from a trip to Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

”Getting attacked is kind of the point,” Matthew explained on Imgur of the stingray encounter. “When you get in the water, they give you a piece of squid to hold onto. This attracts the rays so they swarm you.”

If it wasn’t already obvious, Janine absolutely loved the gift.

“She definitely started crying,” Matthew told HuffPost. 

And if you need us, we’ll be over here doing the same.

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