14/10/2016 9:27 AM AEDT | Updated 14/10/2016 1:05 PM AEDT

Michelle Payne Honoured In The Best Possible Way

And the people who don't like it can get stuffed.

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Thumbs up to you, Michelle.

Michelle Payne rocks. This we all know. There are too many sports awards (and awards of all types) in the world. This we also know.

But Michelle Payne just won an award overnight that should make everybody happy. We love this. She won "The Don" Award at the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Awards, making her the second jockey to do so. The reason this is especially cool? Because the award recognises sportsmanship and inspiration.

Or sportswomanship, as the case may be. Anyway here's the blurb:

"In 1998 'The Don' Award, named in honour of our first Inductee Sir Donald Bradman was introduced. Bradman's legendary inspiration to Australia as the ultimate example of sportsmanship makes him the ideal patron of an annual award to an Australian athlete, who has, through his or her example in sport, has most inspired the nation."

Think about that for a minute. Here's a woman who told a bunch of sexist blokes to "get stuffed" in her post-Melbourne Cup statements. These were the blokes who tried but failed to have Payne removed from riding duties aboard Prince of Penzance -- which she duly steered past all the favourites to Melbourne Cup glory in an absolute textbook example of supreme horsemanship.

Or horsewomanship, as the case may be. The bit where she tells sexist people to "get stuffed" is at about 4:20 into this video. Enjoy.

And here's Michelle's polite official speech after winning the Cup, just in case you think she's generally potty-mouthed or ungracious, which she most certainly is not.

Payne is not the first woman to win The Don Award. The previous was Sally Pearson in 2014. Other winners announced on Thursday night's ceremony included:

Wally Lewis, who became just the third rugby league player and 38th person overall to become an official "Legend of Australian Sport". Lewis was the man who made Queensland beating NSW in State of Origin a thing, long before it became the regular thing it is now. We could give you more info than that, but that's the guts of what you need to know.

General inductees were:

Emma Carney -- Triathlon

Kristy Ellis AM (nee Munroe) -- Surf Life Saving

Sharelle McMahon -- Netball

Malcolm Page OAM -- Sailing

Libby Trickett OAM -- Swimming

Harry Wells -- Rugby League

The Hon RJ (Bob) Ellicott QC -- Administration

Jack Newton OAM -- Services to Golf

In other Michelle Payne news, the 31-year-old has still not secured a ride in the Melbourne Cup this year. That's mostly because she has taken out a joint training/riding license after being injured in a terrible fall this year, so she hasn't had a chance to ride too many of the contenders.

But it's probably also because there are still some people out there who need to get stuffed.