These Are Officially The World's Worst Tourist Traps

Avoid like the plague.

When you’re planning a holiday, it’s always good to have some local knowledge for the inside track on the best places to eat, where to get a good night’s sleep, and places that don’t live up to the hype.

Now Redditors have shared local tips for people planning on visiting their city and the worst tourist traps that aren’t even worth visiting for a selfie.

Trust us. Or them.

1. Berlin

“Brandenburger Tor is a nice piece of architecture, but you won’t get to take a selfie without being surrounded by thousands of tourists doing the same. The Holocaust memorial is a concrete playground for tourist kids and a photo opportunity for gay guys on Grindr. The former wall is just simply a tagged wall surrounded by party areas and drunken tourists. Berlin Broadcast Tower is a cool thing if you’re kilometers away - the whole area is a mess.”

- pxlhstl

2. California

- hitomimay

“Temple bar. Tourists will buy so many overpriced pints there.”

- holzyeah

5. Hollywood

“Do not come to Hollywood. Its the biggest tourist trap. Why would you come here? It smells. It is overpriced. You won’t see any celebrities (they try to stay away from here unless theres a big event). Everywhere you turn someones trying to sell you something or bluntly just ask you for money.”

- designer_farts

6. London

“The London Eye. The London Eye can f**k off. Queues are insanely long, you need perfect weather to see fuck all (and since it’s in England, you’re almost guaranteed that this won’t be the case). It has no history, it’s just a giant Ferris wheel that the labour government decided to commission in their ‘let us spend money like we won the lottery’ days. And even if you get good weather, the view isn’t great. London’s built up enough that you can’t see very far.”

- SpanglyJoker

- genaroshat

7. New York

8. Manchester

“Old Trafford.”

- topright

9. Miami

“Listen people, do not come to Miami. Everything you hear about it is fucking bullshit. It rains all the fucking time, and literally the only two things to do in town are go to nightclubs and get plastered (which you can do in your own hometown, I’m sure), and go to the beach. But you won’t be doing either of those things because you’ll be locked in your hotel room the entire time wondering why you booked a summer vacation to ‘sunny’ Miami in the middle of hurricane season.”

- KindaConfusedIGuess

10. São Paulo

“The City Market (Mercado Municipal) in São Paulo, Brazil. It used to be the main place to buy produce in our city but since it became a touristic attraction everything in it got ridiculously expensive, even for Brazilian standards.”

- starkillerrx

11. Seattle

“The ‘original’ Starbucks in Pike Place Market in Seattle. A) It’s not the original. B) It’s unbelievably crowded all day, every day.”

- idahonomo

12. Sydney