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Check Out These Lion Cubs Enjoying Their First Birthday

Kito, Kashka and Kubwa will mark their first birthday at Werribee Open Range Zoo on Thursday

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Lion cubs Kito, Kashka and Kubwa at Werribee Open Range Zoo turn one tomorrow.

The three boys celebrated with an early birthday treat (a 'birthday cake', which was a custom cardboard creation made with a special ingredient -- rhino poo!) with the pride on Wednesday. Dad Johari enjoying a good roll in amongst the boxes, while Lioness Nilo looked on as the cubs played the custom-made cardboard cakes.

The three cubs were fascinated with the cardboard toppers on the cakes, ripping them off and chasing each other.

Werribee Open Range Zoo
Who doesn't want rhino poo for their birthday?


Werribee Open Range Zoo

The cubs spent the first two months in a special nesting den with mum Nilo, with keepers closely monitoring the family's development via a video camera link.

Werribee Open Range Zoo
Kubwa at two months old.

Once the cubs had opened their eyes and became mobile, the team were able conduct their first health checks and begin gradual introductions with the rest of the pride, including dad Johari and aunty Nairibi.

At twelve months of age, the cubs now weigh in at 80kg.

Check out the cubs when they were bubs:

Werribee Open Range Zoo
Kito at two months of age.

Werribee Open Range Zoo
Kashka two months old.

Werribee Open Range Zoo
You can do it!

Werribee Open Range Zoo
Everyone loves a bath.

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