19/10/2016 10:55 AM AEDT | Updated 19/10/2016 8:41 PM AEDT

How To Avoid Getting A Bad Haircut, Because It Happens

Exactly what to say to your hairdresser so you don't leave fuming.

Looking pissed off sadly won't help you at this point.
Looking pissed off sadly won't help you at this point.

True story: a bad haircut can ruin your day and haunt you for life.

Naturally the trauma subsides with time but no matter how quickly your hair grows back, the damage is done. Within minutes of leaving the salon you've already vowed to never return to said hairdresser again.

In severe cases, you resort to packet dye and a good pair of scissors and make an internal promise to only ever go off solid recommendations in future. You maybe even fantasize about cutting their hair off while he/she sleeps.

Rob Sylva, founder and creative director of Halt Hair and De Lorenzo spokesman said when a customer becomes unhappy with their hair it almost always comes down to miscommunication.

"We will never do a cut or colour that we think will lead to an end result that the customer doesn't feel comfortable with -- and by and large, this only happens when there has been a breakdown in communication between the client and the stylist," Sylva told The Huffington Post Australia.

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Your new style should be a collaboration between you and your hairstylist.

So how does one avoid such a communication fail?

"Pictures always help to give a stylist a better idea of what you're looking for and they can then assess if the length and colour will suit the client's face shape and lifestyle," Sylva said.

That last point is worth elaborating on.

"Pictures give us a clear idea of the desired finished style however, it's then up to the stylist to determine whether they think this look will work for the individual," Sylva said.

According to Sylva, an indecisive client is the most difficult, or one with unrealistic expectations.

Think of it in terms of Chris Hemsworth. He pulls off long hair and armor because he plays a character called Thor. Sadly, the average punter does not look anything like Chris Hemsworth nor are they saving the world with godly superpowers.

In short, the style should suit what you've got going on as your own person, not a famous celebrity or fictional character.

"Another thing to consider is making sure the customer knows how to re-create the look at home," Sylva said.

"And it's our job to make sure that happens by showing you tips and tricks and provide product recommendations to avoid any post-appointment frustration," Sylva said.

Finally, remember that your hairdresser is not a mind reader. Be (politely) vocal and check in with them throughout the appointment to make sure you're on the same page.

Do all of these things and never get a bad cut again. You're welcome.

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