19/10/2016 10:24 AM AEDT | Updated 19/10/2016 11:56 AM AEDT

Slow-Motion Brown Snake Looks Kinda Cute

Don't be fooled, it's actually pissed off.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers / Facebook
Oh hai there! Would you mind getting out of my personal space?

If you're this close to an eastern brown snake, something has gone wrong.

Unless you're an expert with the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers like Dan Lynch, who filmed this 'little' eastern brown arching up.

We know it's not a happy snake, but in the slow mo, it kinda looks cute.

Contrary to gut instincts, Lynch said the snake wasn't actually trying to attack.

"He isn't chasing me!" Lynch said on Facebook.

"I'm getting right up in his personal space, and he's flaring up to get me away, and as I move back he turns away to make an escape, until I approach him again."

Moral of the story? Keep a safe distance between yourself and snakes.

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