20/10/2016 12:27 PM AEDT | Updated 20/10/2016 12:27 PM AEDT

Sydney Follows Hillary Clinton, Brisbane Leans Trump

New HuffPost tool lets you find out who follows each presidential candidate.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the presidential town hall debate in Missouri on October 9

Sydneysiders and Melburnians tend to follow Hillary Clinton more, while Brisbane and Perth lean toward Donald Trump.

That's the verdict from new Huffington Post tool 'We The Tweeple', which tracks all the Twitter followers of the two presidential candidates. Between them, they have 18.6 million followers. HuffPost downloaded the bios of the nearly 8 million followers who had added a bio to their Twitter profile -- 4,232,803 Clinton followers and 5,078,544 Trump followers, with an overlap of 1,339,268 users who follow both candidates -- and put the info into a searchable database.

You can slot in any term -- Sydney, Brisbane, Christian, soccer, deplorable, Benghazi -- and find out which candidate is followed by people with those terms in their bios.

"A big caveat: a Trump or Clinton follower does not a Trump or Clinton supporter make. In other words, this is not a scientific data set, and we're not here to make big new proclamations about the American Voter," the creators of the database warn.

"Mostly we're just trying to scratch the itch of curiosity. Who is more likely to be a follower of Trump? Of Clinton?"

We found that 3,127 followers used 'Sydney' in their bios; 1337 follow Clinton, 1266 follow Trump, and 524 follow both. 'Melbourne' was in the bio of 2246 users, with 966 following Clinton, 920 following Trump, and 360 following both. On the other side of the coin, 732 people wrote 'Brisbane' in their bio, with 338 following Trump, 285 following Clinton and 109 following both; while 682 people used 'Perth' in their bio, 323 following Trump, 254 following Clinton, and 105 following both.

We The Tweeple
We The Tweeple

Try it out yourself with any term. For instance, 'rugby league' -- there were 348 users with that term in their bio, with 204 following Trump and 102 following Clinton, while 42 followed both.

We The Tweeple

Click here to try out We The Tweeple, and check out the methodology here.