21/10/2016 5:48 AM AEDT

Everyone Is Playing Janet Jackson's 'Nasty' On Spotify Today

The Donald Trump bump. 

There were a lot of instantly legendary Trumpisms invented at the third presidential debate on Wednesday night. “Bad hombres” immediately comes to mind. Also, “Rip the baby out of the womb.” Also, “No puppet. No puppet.”

But perhaps none have resonated so deeply in the hours since as has Trump’s unprompted description of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman.”

Immediately, people jumped on the objectively hilarious line. T-shirts were made. Merchandise, too. But the best and most logical jump many people immediately was to Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit “Nasty.” First came the jokes.


Then, the inevitable remixes.

But best of all, it turns out that people are rediscovering this ‘80s classic. Spotify confirmed as much Thursday morning, saying that streams have jumped through the roof since the debate. 

When we think back on the third presidential debate of the 2016, we can only hope this is what we remember. That, or “Bad hombres.”