21/10/2016 8:36 AM AEDT | Updated 21/10/2016 8:36 AM AEDT

Surfer's iPhone7 Bursts Into Flames, Wrecks His Car: Report

The young surf instructor is shocked at what happened.

Channel 7 News
An Aussie surfer's iPhone 7 has reportedly burst into flames and destroyed his car.

Disturbing vision has emerged of what an Aussie surfer says is his iPhone 7 bursting into flames and wrecking his car.

Mat Jones has told the Seven Network that he left the phone inside the car under some clothes while he took a surf lesson, and only made the alarming discovery when he returned to his vehicle.

"As I looked into my car you could not see inside the car, all the windows were just black," he said.

"Pretty much like a big heatwave just came out of the car ... ash was just coming from inside the pants and once you opened the pants the phone was just melting inside of it."

Footage captured on the day, and aired on Seven, shows the badly burnt out interior of the car as well as the charred remains of his iPhone 7.

The surf instructor told Seven News he only recently purchased the phone and was not using a foreign charger.

Apple is said to be investigating.

Jones' worrying incident comes after another tech giant, Samsung, continues to hose down a global scandal involving its Galaxy Note 7 device.

After reports of the phone catching fire Samsung has issued a global recall and a statement asking all owners of the new device to power them down immediately.

Galaxy Note 7s have also been banned by many airlines over concerns they could burst into flames mid-air.