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Emus Are Walking Into Bars And Playing In Traffic In The U.S. Now

Giving 'roadrunner' new meaning.

It's been a big week for emu sightings in the U.S. In two separate and surprisingly real incidents, one emu found trying to cross a highway while another fellow was spotted entering a bar.

U.S. authorities have been left very confused after they had to collect an emu that was seen running across a busy highway in Arizona.

Arizona Department of Public Safety responded to reports on Friday that a native Australian bird had been seen crossing traffic lanes on the Interstate 10, west of Phoenix.

Public Information Officer for the Arizona State Troopers, Quentin Mehr posted images of the unique 'arrest' to Twitter, showing how the flightless bird kept officers busy.

"Wild day on I-10 west of Phoenix. Emu on the loose!!," Mehr wrote under the image that shows the Emu peaking its head into the state troopers car.

It's yet to be determined just how the bird made it all the way from Australia to a highway in Arizona, especially considering emus can't fly.

"We do not know where the emu came from. I am unaware of any emu farm in that area and, I believe, the Phoenix Zoo is the nearest zoo," Mehr said to CNN.

Officers used a lasso to capture the animal, that was safely escorted to a trailer before any motorists were injured.

Weirdly enough this wasn't the only obscure emu sighting on Friday in the US, an emu walked into a Florida pub after it escaped from its owner.

The bird jumped a one-metre fence in Florida's Cape Canaveral, after it was spooked by a stray dog and ended up walking into an Irish pub.

It took Brevard Country Sheriff's deputies and an animal control officer over an hour to capture the creature which they compared to catching a giant chicken, ABC News reports.

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