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This Video Of A Pair Of Koalas Taking A Morning Stroll Is So 'Straya'

Koalified cuteness.

It's not every day that you see a koala taking its baby out for a morning stroll down a suburban street.

An Instagram video shot by a pair of lucky bystanders, shows a koala walking happily along with a joey on its back, down a street in McLaren Flat in regional South Australia.

The video that was originally shot by Radek Petlak and his wife Emma Barry, has since been shared by the official South Australia Facebook page and boy is it cute.

"While we're used to seeing these furry marsupials napping in a gum tree after snacking on gum leaves, this pair enjoyed a morning walk," the original post said.

"They were spotted near the local bakery so perhaps they were just dashing out for a bit of morning tea?"

Barry told the ABC, that the asides from the little sideways glance the koala seemed to give them - it was very unfazed that they were filming.

"We were super confused when we first saw it when driving past but we're so glad we pulled over and got out of the car to watch her," she said to the ABC.

"After we stopped filming she went down the driveway of the house and headed to their garden. Such a beauty!"

The cute pair of koalas have now found themselves to be internet sensations and the post has been shared over 9,000 times on Facebook.

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