24/10/2016 7:12 AM AEDT

Reince Priebus Is Going To Clear Up All This Trump Stuff, You Guys

After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that he would “keep [us] in suspense” as to his intentions to honor the result of the election, the media has been pressing to find out what he really intends to do should he lose on election night. Well, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus went on “Face the Nation” to clear everything up.

“I know where he’s at on this,” Priebus said.

Sweet. Where’s he at?

”He’s saying he wants to reserve all options,” Priebus assured CBS News’ John Dickerson, “and, ‘If there is grounds for a recount, I will exercise my options.’”

“He is not willing to not concede if he loses and there’s no fraud,” he added.

Not willing to not concede. Cool, cool. Clear as can be!

Priebus wanted to make sure everyone knew that the RNC really, really liked having Trump as their nominee, a thing that the RNC chairman normally does in October of a presidential election year.

“He’s the nominee of our party ― of course we’re behind Donald Trump,” Priebus insisted.

He added, “I mean, this is ridiculous ― as if we wouldn’t be behind the nominee of the party, of course we are.”

Hey, man, that’s great. Sounds like you’re really satisfied with the way things are going.

Was there anything else Priebus wanted to add?

“This isn’t Italy,” Priebus said. “We don’t have 12 different parties where everyone can fit neatly into a box.”

BREAKING: This isn’t Italy.

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