This Champagne Icy Pole Is A Summer Dream Come True

We will take 10, thanks.

Bella Hadid and Andy Murray have been pictured with them. Even Prince Charles has been spotted with one. Now the alcoholic icy poles called POPS will be available on Australian shores for the first time this summer.

The British company has just announced it is bringing its frozen treats to Melbourne in December, just in time for the hotter months.

POPS are basically upmarket, boozy Calippos that come in four flavours -- two that are alcoholic and two that aren't.

For those over 18, there is the Classic flavour that has half a glass of champagne in it and the Bellini, that has half a glass of prosecco and some peach schnapps.

For the rest of the family, there's the non-alcoholic options of Strawberry and Mint or Apple and Elderflower.

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They're also fairly low in calories, the Classic comes in at 38 calories and the Bellini at 56 calories, a perfect replacement for dessert or cheeky post-dinner wine.

The treats have been a hit with celebrities in the UK, making them a seriously enviable snack that we are sure our Instagram feeds will be filled with this summer.

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