26/10/2016 12:22 PM AEDT | Updated 27/10/2016 3:08 PM AEDT

Devastated And Angry, Sam Dastyari Loses A Friend At Dreamworld

The Iran-born Labor Senator was raised with Roozbeh Araghi.

Wolter Peeters, Fairfax
Senator Sam Dastyari is 'devastated' to lose his friend Roozbeh Araghi.

CANBERRA -- You never know who will be touched by a major disaster.

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has a strong family connection to one of the victims of the malfunctioning Dreamworld ride, Roozbeh Araghi.

In fact, he said he was raised with him, revealing Araghi's father helped Dastyari's family came to Australia from war-torn Iran in the late 1980s.

Dastyari has mourned his friend on Facebook, revealing he feels "devastated that such a caring, loving, sweet and sensitive friend has been lost".

Araghi was the partner of Luke Dorsett, who also died Tuesday along with Dorsett's sister Kate Goodchild and an unidentified 42-year-old woman.

Dastyari also said he was "angry that this could happen at a venue like Dreamworld".

"Today is a very sad day," the Senator added.

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