27/10/2016 12:49 PM AEDT | Updated 27/10/2016 3:01 PM AEDT

Australia's Favourite Ute The Toyota Hilux Fails The 'Moose Test'

Don't make any sudden changes in direction.

Getty Images
The Toyota HiLux ute doesn't pass the 'moose test'.

A Swedish motoring magazine has slammed the new Toyota Hilux for failing the 'moose test'. What is the 'moose test', you ask?

The magazine, Teknikens Värld, tested various models by accelerating to 60 kilometres per hour, swerving suddenly to the left lane, then swerving back to the right -- as if the drive was swerving before a rogue moose. The Hilux doesn't take the sudden change in direction well, with its wheels lifting off the road, nearly tipping the ute over.

See the results of the 'moose test' for yourself in this video:

The report showed that the Hilux's competitors, including Volkwagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara, coped with the manoeuvre without an issue. The magazine claims nothing has changed since they tested the vehicle in 2007.

"Something is seriously wrong with Toyota's dynamic safety system, and the result is dependent on the tires the car is equipped with," Teknikens Värld concluded.

Toyota Sweden responded to the magazine in a statement, stating "Based on all the tests carried out during development, we are confident that the Toyota Hilux is a safe vehicle".

While we won't be encountering any moose on our roads, the test could be useful for dodging Aussie wildlife. The 'roo test' anyone?