27/10/2016 8:01 AM AEDT

The Dress Is Definitely Blue, But Is This Photo Of Bill Murray Or Tom Hanks?

Getty Images
Seeing double. 

Now that we’ve decided the dress is definitely blue and it takes 686 rubber bands to burst a watermelon, it’s time for a new internet phenomenon to divide us all: Is this a photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks

In 2013, Laura DiMichele-Ross shared a photo of herself and her son with Murray at a golf competition in Scotland on the Facebook group Reasons My Son Is Crying. Despite a caption clearly indicating that the man mirroring her son’s distraught expression is indeed Murray, the image has proven to be internet gold among people who have trouble telling two white guys apart. 

Three years after the photo was initially posted, a Reddit thread questioning whether the man in the photo was Hanks or Murray sparked a viral internet frenzy.

“We are finding this very funny,” DiMichele-Ross told The Guardian. “I personally don’t see the resemblance to Tom Hanks but we’ve noticed that people have been mentioning it for years.”

Behold the photo below: