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This Handy 'Wine Condom' Will Save Your Unfinished Bottle Of Vino

Given the stress of the current political climate, we can’t blame you if you unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

But in the event that you don’t finish off that bottle of red, “wine condoms” are here to save the day.

Wine Condoms, $10, Amazon
Wine Condoms, $10, Amazon

Nobody likes old, stale wine. Wine condoms roll over the rim of the bottle to preserve and protect your pour. The rubber devices even come in gold foil packets, giving you the full condom effect.

Wine Condoms, $10, Amazon
Wine Condoms, $10, Amazon

Wine condoms first took the world of fermented grapes by storm back in 2014, when their inventors launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Having reached the funding goal, wine condoms are now available to the general public. You can get a pack of six for $10 on Amazon and the wine condoms website, though they’re momentarily sold out due to high demand.

Keep an eye out for restocking, though: Aside from making hilarious gag gifts, wine condoms have actually earned rave reviews for their efficacy. They’re far simpler than re-corking your unfinished bottle, which can leave floating chunks of cork behind. Wine bottle stoppers are also effective, but sometimes too large and ornate to fit back in your fridge.

Nevertheless, the true enemy of most fresh-tasting wine is air. Air is necessary for a great-tasting pour, of course ― that’s why you’re supposed to let wine “breathe” ― but after long-term exposure to air, wine will begin to go bad. Wine condoms and stoppers do little to prevent this process. While they do keep new air out, they also seal in the air that rushed into your bottle the second you uncorked it. If you’re looking for a more serious fix, Wired insists that a $9 spray can of inert gasses will do the trick. Spray the gasses into your wine bottle and then seal it shut with a bottle stopper or wine condom to keep your wine fresh.

Intrigued by this rubber godsend? Luckily, creator Mitchell Strahan has stated on his website that wine condoms will be back in stock by this holiday season. We simply can’t imagine a better stocking stuffer.

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