28/10/2016 3:32 PM AEDT | Updated 30/10/2016 4:09 PM AEDT

What A Six-Star Green Star Rated Home Could Look Like

Hello home envy.

An artist's impression of Six Star Green Star-rated residential building Modulus Luxury.

If you have dreams of living and working in solar-passive, environmentally friendly treetop spaces, where nature and the built form merge, your heads aren't in the clouds.

New advances in everything from water recycling to air filtration means green buildings are becoming less of a lofty dream and more of a reality.

Green Building Council of Australia chief executive Romilly Madew said the top tier of environmentally friendly buildings were awarded a Six Star Green Star rating which were particularly rare for residences.

The plan is for spaces that make the most of Sydney's warm summers and mild winters.

"Around Australia, buyers are increasingly looking to invest in homes that are not only energy efficient, but are healthy, resilient and future-proofed investments," Madew said.

"A Six Star Green Star rating represents world leadership in sustainable design."

So what does a six-star home look like?

In Bellevue Hill, Sydney, a new apartment project Modulus Luxury is aiming for the rating, with plans for edible gardens, shared meditation space, on-sight water filtration and 'bio-climatic responsive technology'.

That means it retains warmth in winter and allows airflow in summer reducing the need for heating and cooling adding to the building's target to use 80 percent less energy than a standard residence, helped by an insulating green roof.


Architect and director Felicia Whiting said the green-star rating was linked to healthy lifestyles.

"Good health is the greatest luxury we can enjoy in life and we hope to create homes that enhance the wellbeing of our residents," Whiting said.