31/10/2016 4:24 PM AEDT | Updated 31/10/2016 4:26 PM AEDT

Bungle In The Jungle: Man Vs Panda

Man sneaks into Panda's home, Panda responds by bringing it.

Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters
Come at me bro

What's black and white and will pull you to the ground wrestling-styles if you sneak up on it?

This friendly panda had some pro-moves to show off when a man apparently snuck into its enclosure at a Chinese zoo.

The giant Panda grabbed the unnamed intruder's leg and wrestled him to the ground after he reportedly tried to sneak in to try and impress a female friends.

The 12-year-old Panda, Mei Ling, used its 120kg frame to pull the man to the ground. The man pulls a wrestling move of his own -- eventually getting on top of the panda -- before he is able to get away.

Giant pandas are vegetarian, and but their strength, weight and sharp teeth can be a hazard.

Still, they're adorable even when they are being total pains-in-the-neck, as this video below shows: