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Seven Ways To Mask A Hangover (Hint: It Starts Before The Session)

Your boss will never know.
Don't be Stu.
Don't be Stu.

It's assumed knowledge that the Melbourne Cup marks the official start of the festive season.

In Victoria they get an entire day off, but for the other states it's business as usual until... it isn't. But no matter where you are in Australia, the rules say you're expected to be back at work on Wednesday, ready to get back to it.

Which brings us to the very necessary skill of getting over your hangover before the morning commute. The good news? It's not totally impossible.

Robbie Clarke, accredited dietitian and co-founder of said sleep, first and foremost, is your friend. Here, he shares his tips and tricks for ensuring you get through the day. Pro tip: it involves some preparation.

1. Eat before your session

Try to consume a meal before you go out which will help your body to absorb the alcohol at a slower rate. "Look for fat and protein loaded foods containing complex carbohydrates like brown rice and wholegrain pasta -- Asian food options are a great choice," Clarke told The Huffington Post Australia.

2. Drink (water) during your session

"Try and have a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage," Clarke said. You want to try and stay hydrated as dehydration is a big part of why you feel so horrible in the morning.

3. And again before bed

Before you go to bed, have a big chug of water. "At a minimum, 500 millilitres. If it's available to you, have some coconut water or Hydralyte in addition to the water -- which will replace your potassium, sodium and magnesium levels -- all the things you lose from alcohol consumption," Clarke said.

4. If it's been a long day, have a snack

A small meal before you hit the sack is recommended if you haven't eaten since lunchtime. "Look for something small like a banana which will provide B vitamins and potassium. You don't want to have a big meal as it will interrupt your sleep as your body will be trying to digest the food," Clarke said.

5. zZZ

"Sleep is pivotal for reducing a hangover," Clarke said. If you haven't had enough, Clarke recommends taking a nap throughout the day. *Hopefully your workplace allows for it.

6. In the AM, pop a vitamin B supplement

Together with food in the morning, look for a vitamin B supplement in capsule form. "Mega B and complex B vitamins are both very important for energy production," Clarke said.

7. Ditch the grease

"It's a total myth that those greasy high fat foods will make you feel better," Clarke said. Your gut won't be able to tolerate it, and you'll end up with both a hangover and a sore tummy.

"Go for something like a wholemeal scramble egg wrap with diced tomato, avocado and lean bacon," Clarke said.

"If you don't feel hungry, go for a banana protein smoothie with nut milk instead of cow's milk, and pea-based protein, as dairy might irritate your stomach," Clarke said.

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