This Qantas Pilot Proposing Mid-Flight To His Girlfriend Is Total #RomanceGoals

Flying kanga-swoon.

An Australian Qantas pilot has proposed to his South American girlfriend in Spanish over the plane's intercom, giving us all serious romance envy.

The video posted on Qantas' Facebook shows Captain Ellis greeting those on the plane before popping the special question to his girlfriend Ana, while her reaction is being filmed.

"We also have a very special passenger on board today folks, her name is Ana," Ellis says as the camera in the video finds her seat.

"She's travelling back to South America now to visit her family and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia. So now that I have her complete attention: Quieres casarete conmigo? Will you marry me?" he asks.

Ellis then walks out of the cockpit with a bouquet of flowers and the ring -- to the answer "yes" and the cries of delight from happy onlookers.