02/11/2016 8:20 AM AEDT

Helpful Woman Crashes Melbourne Cup TV Cross To Report Lost Wallet

'Channel 9, you need to know, somebody has lost $3'.

Channel Nine
'It's important. How dare you?'

Melbourne Cup day sees lots of people lose their money on bad tips, dud horses and overpriced booze. One woman bravely tried to do her part to help out, finding a lost wallet and reporting it.

She did this on television.

Channel Nine reporter Phil Willmington was filming a piece to camera on Tuesday, signing off with the line "as ever, cup day, good luck for some, bad luck for others". A piece of luck was about to unfold behind him, with a group of racegoers wandering in the background. Two women spot something on the ground, pick up a black wallet, and look around. One of them, a blonde woman in a white patterned dress, spots the TV camera.

"Channel Nine, I think you need to know," she says, approaching Willmington from the back and giving the newsman a little startle.

"Somebody has lost three dollars."

As her friend tries in vain to pull her away, the good samaritan officially reports the wallet discovery to the media and tries to hand it in.

"Can you return that to the rightful owner?"

Willmington, laughing, says he "probably wouldn't be able to find them". The good samaritan is not taking that for an answer.

"No, no, it's important. How dare you?" she says, offended and insistent, trying to stuff the wallet in Willmington's jacket pocket.

"Channel Nine... he needs to know. He needs to find the owner," she continues, as two men approach and, laughing, pull her away.

She's yelling all the way.