02/11/2016 10:35 AM AEDT | Updated 02/11/2016 11:01 AM AEDT

One Nation's Malcolm Roberts Says Hillary Clinton Should Be Jailed

'The only safe space for Hillary to occupy is a prison cell'.

Fairfax Media/AP
Malcolm Roberts agrees with Donald Trump.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has backed Donald Trump's calls to have Hillary Clinton jailed, saying "the only safe space for Hillary to occupy is a prison cell".

Roberts, who joined party leader Pauline Hanson as new senators for Queensland at the July election, posted a long statement to Facebook on Wednesday condemning foreign minister Julie Bishop for her recent comments around the U.S. presidential election. Bishop told ABC's Insiders program on Sunday that Clinton was a "known quantity, she is a long standing government figure" and said Trump was "a much lesser known quantity, as far as Australia is concerned".

Roberts released a statement to convey his "utter dismay at Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's endorsement of the most corrupt and unsuitable candidate to ever seek the office of United States President, Hillary Clinton".

"Secretary Clinton may well drag Australian troops, our own sons and daughters, into her twisted wars, all-the-while her attitude will smack of arrogance, smugness and contempt. Her policies may well destroy the global economy," Roberts said.

"What is worse, Secretary Clinton has clearly surrounded herself with a gang of liars and odious swindlers, scammers and serial sex pests of the worst order, including her deplorable and disgraced husband, President Clinton."

Roberts said Clinton was "a terrible and unrepentant liar" and said she would make America "weak". Through the release, Roberts borrows phrases and lines of attack from Trump -- like the word "deplorable", which Trump supporters have embraced since Clinton used it as a criticism -- including one of Trump's most controversial proclamations, that he wants to see Clinton imprisoned after the election if he wins.

"After imprisoning Hillary Clinton, the first act of a Trump administration could well be, to wind back the outrageous job destroying climate policies that we have had to endure for the last 8 years of the destructive and rudderless Obama Presidency," Roberts wrote.

The Huffington Post Australia contacted Roberts' office to check whether the jail comments were a little tongue-in-cheek. In an email reply, a spokesman said, "Just to clarify Senator Roberts believes the only safe space for Hillary to occupy is a prison cell, and he is completely serious".

Roberts also outlined how One Nation had employed an economics adviser who had worked with the Trump campaign, and said his party was "uniquely qualified to bridge the divide and repair the damage between Australia and the United States, should Donald Trump win the Presidency".