02/11/2016 9:00 AM AEDT | Updated 02/11/2016 1:23 PM AEDT

The Tasteless Private Blogs Of Men's Space Nomadic Thinkers

'We have a village of women because the men have been slaughtered'.

Supplied from the Nomadic Thinkers media kit
Matthew Mercer and Samuel Monaghan would rather not work with women.

You'll want to scrub your skin clean after reading the hidden blogs by the founders of men's only co-working space and gym Nomadic Thinkers.

The Brisbane startup first came to light in an interview with Junkee, where co-founder Sam Monaghan explained the need for a men's only space because: "We both had a mate who ended up in a violent situation with his wife. He pushed his wife over."

That's a direct quote.

While the co-working space and gym has not opened yet, the duo had charted their plans in a Blogspot manifesto that is equal parts misogynistic and senseless ranting.

Overnight, they removed public access to all their blogs (seen by The Huffington Post Australia when it was still publicly accessible). But thanks to Google's webcache, it's still there in all its misguided, victim-playing, Roosh V-quoting glory.

Here's the worst of it as snapshotted on October 12, 2016.


Men are physical and practical creatures. We require camaraderie and social time with other men (without female chaperones). We need to provide for ourselves, then our families and the our communities (in that order as we mature further), this give us purpose.

Men need to talk to someone if they are entertaining the thought of suicide. Men need to reach out if they are feeling angry and short fused, if they are at risk of committing physical violence...

The old saying that it takes a village to raise a child is so true. Unfortunately we have a village of women because the men have been slaughtered and the boys have been babied and coddled in cotton wool. It's time to create some men again.

Just a note here, please don't take in these non-expert, entirely unfounded opinions about the causes of domestic violence and depression. Check out Lifeline's information about family and domestic violence or BeyondBlue's mental health resources for men.


Given the cards are now stacked against you in the workplace with the younger generation entering the workplace perplexed by the rhetoric about the ever present patriarchy when in their context women are earning more than men. Not to mention the gatekeepers in HR with sexist policies where a candidate is selected because of their sex over their merit for number's sake to have a gender diverse workforce.

They link to a UK survey that showed women earned more than men before the age of 30, but then men earned more than women for the rest of their careers.

In Australia, women are not earning more than men. According to the Australian Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the national gender pay gap is currently 16.2 percent. In favour of men. I can't believe I need to make that clear.


Despite having no experience in any other time period, I would say that we live in the most challenging time and culture to be a man.

Historically (and unarguably.. though some will try) men's primary role has been to protect and provide for their families and communities.

Due to the fact that we are an incredibly intelligent species, we have created a world where those tasks now look incredibly different. In fact, very few of us need to protect our families from any real threats...

OK. But here's where they take it to the next level.

Further more, not only have we lost our roles but it is becoming common place for men to be persecuted for expressing their masculinity.

PRETEXT: Feminism is a wonderful thing, equality is great and necessary, men and women are absolutely equal opposites (the need to pretext is evidence of the following).

Alas, as is so common in human nature, feminism has gone past it's desired point and is polarizing to the extreme other end. We have become a culture that praises androgyny, glorifies gender role removal and tolerates all beliefs and choices... except from traditional (conservative I guess) views...

With the media pushing images of passive men, the clumsy dad, the goofy and dim-witted boyfriend, the incompetent boss, men are being seduced into a placated and listless expression of themselves. Is this so bad? Yes, absolutely! This is the reason we have an unprecedented rate of marriage breakdowns.. show me a woman who respects a guy that gets walked all over?

This is why children are missing strong responsible male role models, because they have been permission, or even more accurate, the expectation to be flaky and childish themselves, shafting all responsibility.

This is why we have 35 year old man-child's living with their mummies, suckling on a wrinkly mammary gland, with no intention of leaving.

They're pretty much saying that Modern Family's Phil Dunphy is the problem with modern marriage.

According to social researcher Mark Mcrindle, Australia is actually not experiencing an "unprecedented rate of marriage breakdowns".

So you keep being you, Phil.


While MGTOW [Men Going Their Own Way] community advocate checking out on marriage and women the reality is that will lead to quality men not reproducing and not raising the next generation. Simply put think of it as a numbers game. If you have kids and you are raising them well. This have a multiplier effect. Your ideas and worldview can be bestowed upon them meaning your vote at elections increases, your wealth production increases and your general well-being can increase.

That being said the risk of finding a quality mate is high. With increasing divorce rates and laws such as no-fault divorce and Disney's absolute destruction of what Love and real relationships are with an obsession with infatuation. But they are out there and even in the West.


Another way of looking at this is taking a proactive role in leadership in your relationship setting ground rules at the beginning is vital. But how do you get to that point? If you are well versed with ROK [Roosh V's website Return Of Kings] and other manosphere blogs the best way you can do this is by increasing your sexual marketplace value SMV [Sexual Market Value], do this via increasing your traits as a provider and protector and increase your desirability making it easier to find a quality woman. Hit the gym.

Alright that's about as much as we can take.

The question is: can two people really be so misguided?

Is this a prank in ridiculously poor taste? Is it an attempt at subversive satire? Or do Mercer and Monaghan really think men live in a world where they have to fight against workplaces that unfairly advantage women, wives who 'chaperone them' and a dating scene where men have a "sexual market value"?

One thing is certain, there are plenty of excellent, inclusive coworking spaces already in Brisbane that have radical policies like letting men and women work together, like Lightspace, that also holds awesome gigs, The Edge where you can also take classes in things like laser cutting and Little Tokyo Two.

Perhaps they'd be even better spaces if Nomadic Thinkers weeded out any lurking misogynists in their midst.