03/11/2016 10:55 AM AEDT | Updated 03/11/2016 3:12 PM AEDT

Melbourne's Laneways Are Going Green

This is not a drill.

Planter boxes, vertical gardens and climbing plants abound.

Just when Melbourne you thought Melbourne couldn't get any cooler.

And by cooler, we mean cooler in every sense of the word as the city braces for its famous laneways to undergo a green makeover.

The City of Melbourne has unveiled designs for its $1.3 million program that will see four of the city's central laneways turned into sustainable spaces.

"Melbourne's laneways are internationally renowned for their quirky and eclectic culture and feel," Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said.

"We can add another layer to their attraction by enhancing the sustainability of our laneways and making them more efficient at cooling the city, intercepting and cleaning stormwater and improving air quality and ambience."


Working with business owners and residents, the council used a mapping technique to identify which laneways receive ample sunlight and exposure to wind and are most suited to being greened.

Four laneways were selected -- Guildford Lane, Meyers Place, Coromandel Place and Katherine Place -- with each set to receive their own green treatment.


Take Guildford Lane.

"Guildford Lane's residential community would like to create a leafy refuge from the city, with climbing plants and pots to complement the laneway's beautiful brick warehouses," Doyle said.

"They're also considering a community garden for residents and a series of innovative 'drain-gardens' to capture rainwater and reduce flooding."

If you were searching for another reason to get lost in those laneways, this may just be your ticket.

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